• Have fun and Kill stuff! Farm too!!

Sunday 20th January Underbog guild run 6pm Game time (3pm EST) Possibly followed by Scholomance to get Shadie's Epic mount


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  • GUILD MEETING: Sunday December 30 2007 5pm PST, site TBD
    • Guild Meeting had an excellent turn out. We met in teh water in the Mystic Ward of IF. Everyone who came was welcomed by all. We discussed the bank, our new found strength in numbers, promotions were given, we discussed the future of Class Leaders and came up with Profesion Leaders. New content was added to the site and we kicked off a fireworks show. All and all, a great meeting.
  • Guild Bank is up and running. More tabs will be purchased through donations.
    • New tab is up, more detailed information posted in the Guild Bank
  • Guild Meeting: Saturday November 17, 2007 5 pm PST, site TBD
    • Guild Meeting was moved to 18NOV07 and the Main topic was the Guild Bank
      • Guild Bank is up, Guild Bank page created, and RFD run was a success helping Tuffy get the Vanquisher Sword, Icemail Barbute, Carapace of Tuten'kash, Amberglow Talisman and the Deathmage Sash!
  • Scarlet Monastary run
    • The Scarlet Crusade will tremble the might of the Doom Brigade this week OCT 26 through NOV 2 07
      • The DB pwned SM!! Helping Tuffy get his SM shield ;) and Drefan his Staff of Doan

  • Guild Meeting in SW SI 7 a whole lot of fun! Shadebane and Marpessa promoted to War Council Officers today! Website revamped and ready. Walk through SW to Goldshire was hilarious. Check out the pics in the Pics section.
    • Guild Meeting this Sunday October 28 at 5pm PST
  • Guild Meeting a success. Patralaan promoted to Officer along with Grizzwald. Guild membership is at a all time high for the last three months.
    • Guild Meeting this Sunday September 9 at 6pm PST
  • New recruits enjoy fancy new Jewelery and Rings.
    • Dunadin and his alts return to the Doom Brigade.

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