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DB Guild Bank

Welcome to the Doom Brigade's Guild Bank Edit

Guild Bank

  • Because of everyone's support and donations we are able to expand and open our guild bank to our members. All Guild Members above Reserve may now view, deposit in, and withdraw (amount determined by rank limits) from the Doom Brigade Guild Bank TAB 1. This tab is reserved for crafting materials, components, and recipes.
  • All Guild Members Veteran and above may request to withdraw gear or rare items from the Guild Bank TAB 2 by using this forum or by politely contacting a guild officer. This tab is reserved for completed crafts, dropped gear level 30+, Blue and Purple items, raiding gear, and reputation enhancing items.
  • At this time all requests for funds in GOLD must go through Rabeshanden. As we strengthen our Guilds funding this will be changed to a more open policy.
  • Thank You to everyone for your generosity and support!

NOTE: Requests older than a month will be moved to the completed expired section

  • Request:
    • Type Name, item you are requesting, and date requested
  • Example:
    • Tuffaznales: Frost Oil 19NOV07

Guild Bank Request

  • Dunadin: Core of Elements/Dark Iron Scraps 23DEC07


  • Jagang: Winter's Bite 18NOV07