WoWScrnShot 102807 181116

...this big!

WoWScrnShot 102807 181146

Its a rental :)

WoWScrnShot 102807 181238

Rabe in repose

WoWScrnShot 102807 182021

1, 2, 3, WAVE! oops!

WoWScrnShot 102807 182440

I need a makeover!

WoWScrnShot 102807 182728


WoWScrnShot 110607 055955

Tuffy needs to hit 40!

WoWScrnShot 110807 173153

All plated out and ready for action!

WoWScrnShot 110807 135645

Uldaman falls under the might of the DB

WoWScrnShot 110807 140301

Tuffy and Ilaanne in action

He man

Pic of the Weekz 10/25/07

WoWScrnShot 111007 132228

Shadebane and Dunadin in ST

WoWScrnShot 111007 140135

Dunadin's pet, Fenris, takes on a dragon in ST

Jagang zfrun

Why did I join this guild!! Again!!:)

WoWScrnShot 110607 112157

The DB heads to SM


RFD run after guild meeting 18NOV07


Tuffy and Shade getting crazy in RFD

Db meeting dec07

The DB having its first 100+ meeting under 3rd Regime

Dunadin gnomer

Aftermath of battle royal in gnomer!

Dunadin scholo

Duna studying hard for finals in Scholo

Dunadin smbattle

Mortal combat!!

Dunadin stratholme

The DB braves Strat

Tuffy agnorfortress

Tuffy takes a moment to contemplate the hardships of soloing

Dunadin smlib

Pure pwnage in the Libray, keep it down!

WoWScrnShot 111807 212514

The DB heads to Uldaman

Db laugh dec07

The DB having a laugh at our guild meeting

WoWScrnShot 122507 205924

Cardargo Riding the Sky

Db marching dec07

The DB marching on IF

Db roar dec07

RAWR!!! The roar heard round the WOWrld

Jagang zf

ZF countdown to destruction!

WoWScrnShot 110807 172736

The Death Knight approaches...

Dunadin bf evil

Evil comes this way...

Dunadin hp diablo


Dunadin zg raid

Raid Zul Gurub 12Jan08

Dunadin zg hakkar

Hakkar in all its glory

Dunadin zg tiger

Tiger Strike!!