The Founding Doom Brigade Officers 1/1/07

Guild meeting oct07

Guild Officers 10/28/07

The Doom Brigade is a World of Warcraft Guild from the Sentinels realm.

Established in August of 2006 with the intent of changing Azeroth for the better!

  • Guild Leader
  • Rabeschanden
  • Officers
  • Dunadin Jagang Grizzwald Patralaan November Shadebane Marpessa
  • Motto: Have Fun. Kill Stuff.
  • Philosophy:
  • Level.
  • Quest.
  • Run instances with your fellow guildmates.
  • Join in Raids and team up whenever possible to include both Arena and Battlegrounds.
  • Charter: (In a nut shell)
  • Help yourself.
  • Help your fellow guildmates in any way that you can within reason and pay it forward.